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I hadn’t had more than three sips of coffee…I didn’t even know if the sky was going to be gray or blue…and I was already surfing through online literary magazine this morning. A successful start to the day, I’d say. Of course, now it’s well over twelve hours later and I haven’t done a single other “writerly” thing.

When I decided to write a daily blog I knew it would be a challenge, but maybe I didn’t realize how much of a challenge. I was concerned that I might run out of things to do and write about, but that hasn’t turned out to be the problem. No, what’s ended up being the biggest challenge is running out of time to do and write about those things. The realization hit hard the first week, when I started to seriously question my judgement about the “daily” part of this blog.

But I’m declaring today, despite a level of stress I haven’t felt since Grad school, despite the cold sore on my lip to prove it (not really caused by the blog…but probably not helped), despite the fact that sometimes I have no idea when I’ll possibly get a decent post written…I love it. I guess the truth is, I thrive on the pressure…the deadline…the push. There is something so satisfying about getting my post written, polished and published, even if it’s five minutes to midnight. Sometimes I even imagine I’m a print journalist at a big New York newspaper…and I’m typing frantically to get my “breaking story” written up and to the editor in time for that night’s running of the presses. (I don’t think it will come as any surprise that one of my favorite movies is The Paper.)  Even as I say all this I can actually see the pointed, knowing looks from family and friends, as if to say, “You’re just realizing this now?” No, not really…I’m just declaring it now.

So, yes, I researched literary journals this morning, and yes, I’m about to spend half an hour finalizing my bio for submissions, but today’s “writerly” act is writing the blog itself and the public declaration that I love it.