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According to Chinese astrology, I was born at the tale end of the Year of the Dragon. And not just any dragon…a fire dragon.

The dragon is considered the mightiest of the Chinese zodiac signs. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly “mighty,” but I’ve liked knowing the potential might be there…like having a sleeping dragon in a cave for when you need her. We dragons are also supposed to be ambitious, independent, unafraid of challenges, and suited to a creative career. These character traits do ring true.

So, in keeping with this two-day venture to make the outside reflect the inside, I let the fire dragon out just a bit. Don’t worry…the cats and dogs of the neighborhood need not run for cover…the dragon is not swooping between crate myrtle trees and parked SUVs. No, she just unfurled her wings ever so slightly and sent out a few subtle licks of flame here and there…and into my hair! (My understanding is that dragons have to make their appearance slowly or they risk terrorizing the countryside…and husbands!)

Hair collage

Must fly! I have a few figurative embers in the fire…not just in my hair…to tend to!

All photos (except the one of my shoes) are courtesy of my friend and hair stylist, Sarah.