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Today and tomorrow are all about making the outside reflect the inside.

We’re told that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, and I agree with this, in theory. But I also think that, in reality, the outside is every bit as important. It can be a very powerful tool…a reaffirming mirror for what is on the inside.

This morning I pulled out my leather Kate Spade bag, a graduation gift from my husband last year. I tend to keep it tucked away in it’s cloth sack, saving it for that special interview or meeting that will one day occur with my future agent. But, really, who knows when that will be? In the meantime, it sits unused and the days pass. So this morning before work I filled my beautiful bag, still smelling new, with my daily belongings…wallet & notebook, lipstick & mascara…and carried it off to work. I may not have a meeting with an agent any time soon…I may not even finish my book for another half year…but by using this bag rather than waiting, I’m reflecting the dream back to myself. I carry it around in the spirit of Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe: “If you build it, he will come.”

I also pulled out my fall leaf pendant. I have pendants for all occasions…ones that only make sense to me. On the full moon, I wear my bone face pendant; for writing events, I pull out one of my Tiffany keys; and, Winter Solstice calls for a silver leaf. So, given that it’s autumn and all the joy that this season brings me, today I finally found my orange maple leaf and hung it around my neck, hoping to reflect outward some of that inner joy.

These may seem like little things but they are mirrors to my heart’s desires. By seeing them throughout day, they help to keep me motivated and on course.

kate spade

An Aside:

A good friend gave me something new to hang in my treasure trove. I think it’s pretty true for all of us…it is for me!