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It’s going to have to be quick because it’s 5:45 a.m. and it’s already go, dog, go (like that one Dr. Seuss book): get the house tidied, get to work, get through the to-do list, get home, get ready….

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight I will see the Keys for one of our Writing Group meetings. I can’t say in all good conscience that we’re workshopping any actual writing, as we usually do, but we will inevitably talk about our projects, where we’re at with them, what our challenges have been, what new creative things we’ve been up to. And we will exchange our bags of random objects to write stories for our next get together! Most important of all, though, we’ll just hang out, catch up, and maintain those special friendships formed during a very intense time of our literary education.

And…I’m off!

Go Dog Go