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In my day job, I work towards a monthly deadline. The stress and intensity slowly building over the weeks until it reaches its peak. On that day, the last Wednesday of every month…today…the end will be in sight but seem unreachable. Of course, somehow, I always do reach it, but I won’t be able to breathe until late afternoon. At that point, I could usually look forward to heading home and collapsing, or losing myself in some creative pursuit, or even heading out for margaritas & hot wings with the girls. But not tonight. Tonight I’ll be leaving immediately for a work function…not even my own!

There are some days, like today, that I have to put the writer up on the shelf. Still, I created this blog so that on these days, I’d make sure not to put her up there and leave her there. I won’t have time for anything too ambitious, nor the brain power for anything too demanding, but here and now, before this crazy day starts, I will make a few writerly commitments, each of them to do with my current novel, which is so close to being finished, and yet, still so far.

1) I will follow up on a meeting I’ve been trying to get with someone (yes, I’m being deliberately vague).

2) I will go through that new stack of Egypt books (my protagonist is an Egyptologist, so it’s like I have a third career!).

3) I will work on the puzzle covering half of the kitchen table (how does this relate to my novel?…I think through problems best when I’m either driving, washing dishes, or literally, puzzling!).