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I’ll be honest…I’m exhausted today. By the end of yesterday, when I dropped the bucket into the creative well, it took a long while to hear it hit water.

So today is all about filling the well back up. How am I going to do that? I’ve tried to be quieter than usual. I’ve tried to disconnect. Both are near impossible for me. So, with the work day done, I’m going to put some good, loud music on, have a glass of cheap wine, and get the house ready for fall! Autumn will be here in…well, less than half an hour as I write this. (Funny to think it’s already fall other places in the world…just fifteen minutes east, in fact…but still summer here). And I have to say, scattering pumpkins, bunches of colored corn, and dried leaves throughout the house, while dancing in my sweats and toasting my New Year, seems like the right thing to do. Well, the kid in me thinks so, which must mean I’m definitely on the right track now.

I’m sure tomorrow we’ll be able to lean over the edge of the well and once again see our beautiful reflections smiling back at us.

Close enough anyway.