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Well, my Muse and I finished off the bottle of champagne and chocolate, and she kept me up until the middle of the night with all her ideas. I awake this morning, bleary-eyed, padding around the house with a disappointing cup of coffee, and find that she and her sleeping bag are already gone. So it really is back to my scheduled writerly acts today. Just as well. This morning, along with feeling sleep-deprived, I’m feeling the pressure to meet some goals.

If this post reads a bit like a to-do list that’s because I started it at 5:30 a.m., I have a busy day ahead, and I’m using it as a way to devise my plan of attack.

In my squid dissection thus far, I’ve gone through a dozen publications, making a list of the ones I think would be a good match for this particular short story, of which there are seven. I think five might be reasonable to submit to, the other two currently well out of my league. And that’s another thing: along with trying to find a good match, I’m also going to do multiple submissions. Most publications are alright with this, so long as you have the courtesy to let them know if and when your work is accepted elsewhere. This will also help insure three months counts for more than the last time.

This submission business definitely calls for some amount of organization. Others may laugh at my naiveté, but I am realizing that properly done it’s a lot to keep track of. I think I need a spreadsheet tracking where I submit, when and which story, and the end result of that submission. That’s easy enough, but I just had the sinking realization that I didn’t make a list of the publications I reviewed and determined weren’t a good match. There’s no way I’ll remember them all down the road, which means I may end up revisiting them again. Blast. Lesson learned.

So, my goal today will be to 1) start that spreadsheet, to include a list of nixed publications, 2) dissect six more publications, 3) choose which on my list I’m going to submit to, and 4) begin preparing the submissions. The short story, itself, is ready to go, but for example, I’ve never composed a proper bio; Tin House didn’t require one but many other magazines do. I always find writing these extremely challenging and will need to devote some time to it. ETA for actual submission? I’ll aim for next week some time.

Well, that’s a hefty goal up there, especially considering I’ve got a busy day at work ahead and a birthday party to attend this evening. But that’s why I started this blog…to push the writer in me. And I guess that’s another reason we bought that fancy espresso maker…to keep the writer going!

An Aside:

A couple nights ago I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t stowed anything in my treasure trove this week. Within the hour, as if she had read my mind, my aunt emailed me a lovely saying she found on Pinterest. It is now hanging on the wall of my treasure trove, helping to keep me inspired.