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Today’s post will be on the shorter side, for two reasons. First, I have it on good authority from blog “experts” that posts shouldn’t always be long. Second, I’m already having concerns about my stamina. After four days of heartfelt, thoughtful posts, I’m wondering how I will maintain this for another 361 days! I mentioned I would be trying to find my rhythm and style. I’ve known my style would continue to evolve; now I realize that my rhythm will need to as well…if I’m in this for the long haul, which I am.

Today finds me at a favorite café and back at the fork in the road. After spending hours yesterday daydreaming, researching and brainstorming a future novel I can’t possibly work on right now but love to think about, I am ready to tackle a very important “should”… correspondence. I will reach out to some fellow writers I’ve met along the way…at conferences, in grad school, in passing. It’s not that this is a chore, but writing a letter (or email, as the case may be) deserves careful thought and time. By doing so, I am nurturing relationships that make me part of a larger writing community, one I may not see in my everyday life, but still very much need.

Cafe 1

An aside:

Very excited to report that both City Lights bookstore and New York Book Review tweeted my Sept. 11th post about the Thousand Times Broken book launch. Of course, I attribute this to Gillian’s reputation and amazing work.