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So, I don’t actually have a ship, or any champagne, for that matter…at least, not at the moment…but today does mark the launch of this blog!

I debated whether or not this should qualify as the first writerly act I report on. At 6:36 this morning, with the particular clear-sightedness of a brain still half asleep, I said to myself, “How could it possibly not?!” This is momentous for me; the beginning of a journey, a newfound commitment to my dream, and the declaration, “I am a writer…my public awaits!” Well, my true self awaits, at the very least, and this is me showing up and saying, “Okay, I’m here.”

I will give the following disclaimer for my own benefit as well as for those of you who  are coming along on this journey: the first couple weeks may be choppy, especially as I find my posting rhythm and blogger style. Please be patient and hang in there.

So without further ado, hear the crash of the bottle on the hull and watch this blog slide down the slipway into a sea of possibilities and writerly adventures!