The sign is finally going up!…


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Sign on the hull

Many months ago I promised that when my new website was ready…to include a new blog!…I would hang a sign on this old ship letting you all know where to head next. Well, the sign is finally going up!

“Where are we headed?” you ask.

The new website is less a ship journeying from one point to another, and more a proper home…a place where I can settle, plant those proverbial roots, and grow into myself. That “self” being not just a writer, but a successful, productive author.

Before I tack this sign up and pat this creaky hull one last time, I want to give a final heartfelt thanks to all of you who followed me on my trip around the sun, and even put up with me afterward! It’s been a long journey…longer than a year…but full of wondrous discoveries, writerly experiences, and good company. I hope you’ll come visit me at my new site … … and continue following my writing adventures!